My name is Mike. For all of my life, I have been an artist, painter, illustrator, sculptor, photographer, language creator and logo designer, but thanks to the great covid quarantine of 2020 and a  3 month furlough from work, The Lord blessed me with a new medium that I absolutely fell in love with, Leathercraft. I, like many others if not almost all, went down the rabbit hole of leathercraft videos on YouTube and began to learn from the greats, befriending some of them.  I became obsessed with the versatility of the material and let's be honest, there's almost nothing better than the euphoric aroma of a fresh hide of leather. With a dream of making this a full time gig, I stepped out in faith. I sold my house and nearly everything in it, quit my 22 year career in restaurant management, packed light and moved to the mountains with my dogs  where I bought a live-in workshop so I could focus on checking off my list of goals and making what started as a sketch of a logo and name on a napkin into my legacy. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ daily for this great adventure. 
Thank you for visiting my meager marketplace and I hope you enjoy these little works of art as much as I have had making them.   
                                                  -Mike, Anvil & Scribe